No Wising Up In Stores Now!

The positive press & coverage has been rolling in for No Wising Up, its pretty astounding to look at considering I hire no PR firms, no label, no management, and I do it all myself.  Shouts out to the journalists that support true indie artists.  Great reviews in Sputnik, Trash Mutant, Books Music,  Alarm, The Next Great Band (Interview), Mowno, Prefix.  Awesome coverage also in places like Spin, 2Dopeboyz, Huffington PostURB, Hip-hop DX, Ugsmag, Exclaim!, Grandgood, Denver Post/Reverb & Potholes In My Blog.   I'm heading off to tour Europe & The United States in a few days, check here for the most up to date dates.

Here is a list of Record Stores that I know of that picked up my new record, "No Wising Up No Settling Down" from my distributor, Revolver USA. If you haven't pre-ordered the album and would like to own a physical copy, please consider picking it up from one of these record shops. If your favorite record store hasn't stocked my new album, please put em in touch with Revolver.  If you would like to get it digitally you can pick it up via bandcamp or I-tunes.

Fifth Element (MNPLS)
Strange Famous Records (Providence)
silver platters (seattle)
princeton record exchange (NJ)
streetlight san jose, CA
second avenue (portland)
kim's - NYC
electric fetus (mnpls)
impact (southwest chain)
rhythm method
soundgarden (baltimore)
waterloo (austin)
rapsutins (all of them)
bullmoose (maine)
other music (nyc)
rainy day (portland)
exclusive co. (green bay, wi)
newbury comics (boston)
sonic boom (seattle)
last record store - petaluma, ca
silver platters - seattle
independent - colorado sprgs.
graywhale - utah
rhythm method - aukland, nz
hip hop vinyl - berlin
boo boo - san luis obispo
ditch - victoria, b.c.
twist and shout - denver
easy street - seattle
wax trax
angelos - aurora
grimeys - nashville
easy street - seattle
fingerprints - long beach
One stops & Distributors
F.A.B. (canadian dist).
super D (US one-stop)
alliance (US one-stop)
differ-ant (france)
juno - uk