Interview with

When i was initially hit up to do this interview i was totally unaware of the scope and size of this website. Some estimates say it draws more web traffic then any other rap site, but regardless anytime my music is covered in big rap sites it feels like a coup because traditionally, my kind of hip-hop runs contrary to the wider "rap world."  This ended up being a really great interview.  We talk a lot about how me Yasamin work together musically, my opinions on american culture, hip hop, my history with Robin S, and much more.

Free D/L "Class War" produced by Spencertron



Is Denver Back To Not Giving A Fuck?

Denver's Million Mask March from Anarcho Anon on Vimeo.

if last weeks' Anonymous march against government corruption and spying is any indicator, the answer is definitely yes.  This is happening on the 5th of every month now, join the fun

The Solecast Ep. 9 w/ Scott Crow

After a brief hiatus for touring, The Solecast is back! Episode 9's guest is Scott Crow.

Crimes Against Totality

Interview with Cut From Steel

Great interview w/ Cut From Steel. Focuses largely on DIY music, media, veganism and farming.  Check it out.

World Premiere! People Piss Me Off(official video)



Official video for people piss more off by wes tank!  @wctank

In Depth Interview about Syria, Empire, Marriage & Whitenoise


Awesome interview with Green Left Weekly.  We cover a lot of ground, talk a lot about the military entertainment complex, literature, veganism, the american empire, global revolution, chemical weapons, marriage and more.  Really awesome interview!  Check it out!

The 1000 Year Flood. How can you help?

Antifascist worker and hip hop artist murdered by Golden Dawn nazis in Piraeus, Greece

The following was just passed onto me from my Yfanet comrades in Greece(I have yet to hear from folks in Athens, I'm sure they are very busy at this moment as well).   This summer I was invited to partake in the antifa! Live concert series in Athens, and between visiting Athens and Yfanet in Thessaloniki I was so inspired and really fell in love with the spirit of the communities there.


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