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A Bi-weekly talk show focusing on radical philosophy & activism by North American hip-hop artist, sole.

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The Solecast Ep. 9 w/ Scott Crow

After a brief hiatus for touring, The Solecast is back! Episode 9's guest is Scott Crow.

The Solecast Ep. 7 W/ Jason Hribal author of Fear Of Animal Planet

On the solecast #7 I speak with Jason Hribal… author of Fear Of The Animal Planet.  

The Solecast Ep. 6 w/ Busdriver

Busdriver is a rapper from Los Angeles. He got his start with the Project Blowed / Good Life movement.  For those who don't know what Project Blowed is, I would argue that it is the scene that paved the way for artists like early anticon & Bone thugs and Harmony.  Busdriver epitomizes experimental rap crafstmanship, over the course of his career he has constantly pushed the envelope more then almost any other rapper.

The Solecast Ep. 4 w/ Pictureplane

Pictureplane is an experimental electronic artistic based out of Brooklyn by way of Denver, and is one of my favorite artists/thinkers. We talk about The Temporary Autonomous Zone, 2012, the state of music, the DNC in 2008 in Denver, Rhinoceropolis, Ufo Disclosure and much more!

The Solecast Ep. 3 w/ Chad Kautzer

Chad Kautzer is a philosophy professor at UC Denver, an activist that is deeply involved with class/justice/economic issues in Denver. We talk about conspiracies, economics, the financial crisis, the gold standard, libertarianism, and much more. For more information check out or peep some of his lectures from his Occupy Denver Teach-Ins.


The Solecast Ep.1 W/ Mckenzie Wark

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On the first episode of "THE SOLECAST," sole interviews New School professor & author Mckenzie Wark. Mckenzie Wark is one of the foremost scholar of The Situationists and a pre-eminent post modern theorist. He is the author of several books, including "Hacker Manifesto," "The Beach Beneath The Street", and "Telesthesia."

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